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15. 1 File Menu

New: Creates a new 8085 Code File.

Open: Open an existing 8085 Code File.

Save: Save the code presently being written.

Save As: Save the code presently being written with a different file name.

Print: Print the Codes.

Exit: Close the Application




2 Edit Menu

Cut: Clear the current selected text and copy it to Clipboard.

Copy: Copy the current selected text to Clipboard.

Paste: Paste the text in Clipboard.



3 View Menu

Output: Show/Hide the Output Bar.

Output Port: Show/Hide the Output Port Bar.



1 4 Converter Menu

Hex Builder: Builds the Hexadecimal Codes from the Code written.

Mnemonic Builder: Builds the Assembly Language from the Hexadecimal Code.


15. 5 Options Menu

Clock Frequency: Set the Clock Frequency for the Microprocessor


1 6 Simulate Menu

Start: Executes entire Code.

Step Into: Executes Codes Line-by-Line.

Stop: Stops the execution in progress.



15. 7 Help Menu

Sample: Contains the Sample Codes come with the installation of the software

About: Information about the Software.