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//User Manual//


1 Install and Uninstall the Software:


1 System requirements:

To use Microprocessor Simulator Software Kit, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:


       Windows 98 or Me

       Intel Pentium processor at 133MHz for Windows 98;

       32 MB of memory

       10 MB of hard disk space


2 Installation procedure


If ( you have Visual Studio 6.0 Completely Installed)


Download only MP8085.exe from Components and RUN




Follow the instructions:

1.    Windows 98 Users:

a.     Download the <MP8085.zip > ; extract and run the setup

b.     If you are being ask to update windows components, follow the instruction and restart windows and run the setup.exe again.


2.    Windows 2000 Users:

a.     Follow the same steps as it is for 98 users.

b.     If Windows Component Update does not work properly:

     Download all the components from the website in a single folder

     Run Mp8085.exe


3.    Windows XP Users:

a.     No need for Windows Component Update

b.     Download the <MP8085.zip > ; extract and run the setup


3 Uninstalling

You can easily remove the software from your computer.

To remove the software from your computer:

1. Click the Start button, and then select

Settings > Control Panel.

2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.

3. In the list of installed programs, select Microprocessor Simulator Software Kit. Click Add/Remove.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions.